Blogging – As a Learning Log

I have had reservations about how to go about using other peoples images as reflective practice and learning. My reservations were more about how to use the images of others without falling foul of copyright.

I have no problem with the idea of blogging as a learning log. I think it is far more effective than keeping a note book and printing images or collecting them in a scrapbook.

I am currently going through “Introduction to Studying HE- Developing your learning log” and thought it would be useful to review and OCA Blog. I have just had a look at he learning log of James Payne, and particularly liked his page on photographic lighting. He discusses lighting in general (and I will read the rest of the blog in more detail later), but I particularly like where he talks about diffuse lighting (from large light sources) creating soft shadows, and small light sources creating hard shadows.

I feel that as a photographer I should know more about light – Photograph (LightWrite or writing with light). I have a basic understanding of lighting, shade, time of day, weather – my favourite lighting is post rain sunshine, where there is enough cloud cover to soften the light and enough light to create clarity and depth of contrast. But my understanding is basic and I have a lot to learn.

I keep a written journal at the moment to reflect upon my practice and development, but I wouldn’t say that it is critical learning or indepth reflective practice. James has helped me to see how I can be more reflective and critical.


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