Photography and its Role in Conflict and Peace (continued)

Research Trail

I have undertaken a lot of research now:- watched interviews on Youtube; read interviews; read journals; read books; taken quotes and also read a report United Nations Internation Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

I will write up my research at the end of the week, so my focus hear is on learning, and research. From my persoanl journal yesterday.

  1. I have spent more time than was necessary on this research project for the level of study, and the intended aims of the research trail learning. Partly because of my enthusiasm and partly because of poor methodology with research.
  2. Use google scholar and wikipedia references to develop a list of resource sources – yeah I understand that Wiki is often not encouraged for academic research, however, by searching “Documentary Photographers Wiki” I got a list of international documentary photographers with links to them and 12 references to books, journals and publications.
  3. Youtube search for TED talks and interviews (Primary Resources)
  4. Make heavy use of British Journal of Photography, Magnum and Aperture
  5. Other on-line photo journals and newspapers for written interviews, and stories written
  6. OCA student resources
  7. When making notes copy and paste into a word document, and include the source, name of book/journal, author, year, publisher and page (a fraction of time now saves a chunk of time later)
  8. Keep referring to assignment outline and stay on track

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