Frame and Framing

Having read through part of my course handbook today, I found the subject of how we frame images within the photographs that we make. As I was wandering around on my way to the bus I took different images that could represent frames within a frame. These are not meant to be quality photo’s, just an exploration of framing. I didnt have my macro set up with me, so the photos of rain on the window are a bit wasted here, but to me they represent that with the right equipment you can frame an image within a drop of water.

I have used transitional spaces, windows, window display, fences, street lights and shelves in supermarkets for my initial exploration.

I hadn’t made a contact sheet in lightroom before today, so this was my first exploration. The contact sheet saved as a PDF, but I wanted the sheet to show here rather than have a link to it, so I opened the sheet in Photoshop and then saved it as a JPEG.

Lightroom (20170605_121006.jpg and 17 others)

2 Replies to “Frame and Framing”

  1. Having done a lot of news photography in the film-and silver-based photography days decades ago I find this very interesting, The new digital photography has dispensed with silver nitrate, developing and printing processes has cut the cost of photography and cellular telephones brought photography and videography to almost everyone in the world’ ThOugh the technology changed the art and creative part of photography remain the same.

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    1. Photography is certainly accessible to everyone nowadays and some people have a natural eye for composition; tone, contact and subject. I believe, like you; that photography is an art. I don’t want to take photos; I want to create photos that express something, that help me to develop and challenge my ideas about society and the world. And hopefully some will see a photo or two that I have made and challenge themselves as well.
      Thankyou for your comment and I welcome any feedback, ideas or guidance.

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