Evaluating Event Photography – my process

I have been to see the British Touring Cars Championship at Croft circuit over the weekend. It was a brilliant weekend and I’ve learned about myself, my camera and about improving my sports photography.

The next part of the process is evaluating my photography, and going from four and a half thousand photos – down to 100.

Points I will consider.

What photos do I like, that sum up the event, are quality photos, that I can use to demonstrate my learning, that show event participants in a good light, that I can use to promote my photography.


My process.

Evaluate photos on my camera – delete blurred, poor composition, partial shots (half a car), distractions, blurred sponsorship (I email and twitter participants and sponsors to promote my work).

Evaluate photos on Microsoft photo viewer. Same process as above but can check clarity and composition in closer detail.

Categorise photos into folders, in this instance, cars, sponsors, event.

Remove duplicates and keep the best overall, subject, composition, technical (Tudor method of evaluating photos –  https://youtu.be/WYcokY2Pgjk  – Christian Tudor http://academy-of-photography.com).

Lightroom – select all, add shared keywords and file title, sync, auto tone  (I re do settings individually later), remove photos that don’t feel right, deselect all, process photos individually, individual titles, captions, keywords, select all, save metadata to file.

Export as TIFF, any cloning I do in photoshop (spot heal in lightroom), save to Web as JPEG 100% 1080p).

This journal log makes it appear that it’s an easy process, and it is. But it’s a process that I’ve developed with the aid of time, experience and deep frustration. I’ve got many things wrong or have wanted to change my process, do things differently – and have then turned to others for guidance, support and solutions.

My most recent painful learnings have been 1) opened some images in photoshop a couple of days after processing in lightroom to find unprocessed photos – learning -save metadata to file. 2) Right clicked a photo on my website and there wasn’t any metadata – learning save to Web as JPEG not PNG (PNG removes details).

My evaluation and work flow process will continue to evolve as I continue to develop.

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