Busy Week

It’s been a really enjoyable and busy week.

I attended the British Touring Car Championship at Croft Circuit last weekend. It was a good opportunity to continue to build upon the mastery of my camera, and in a new environment.


Exploring different focal lengths and composition was beneficial. I had assumed that landscape would work well, and in some instances it did, but I was surprised at the results I got using portrait. Composition is important in all photography, but I found it was crucial in this environment. Some shots looked very poor – a procession of cars following each other – that removed the action. Making photos with two or three cars as the point of focus in the frame worked well, especially when I got the space between them as well.


I haven’t started developing them yet. I’m evaluating them at the moment. It’s not my priority.


I began exercise 1 in work flow by taking 139 photos in 32 minutes on Sunday.  I’m working through the exercises and writing them up at the moment so that I can demonstrate my knowledge, skills and learning.


I’m considering either updating my current website or beginning a new one with Adobe My Portfolio. My current website needs to be made more simple, and it works alongside twitter to promote my photography. However, I could develop a professional website with My Portfolio. There is no urgency.


Today has been a macro day. I love macro photography. It’s been so nice to get back to nature, walk slower than a snail, and get face to face with bugs and insects.


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