Preparation and Exploratory Photography for Project 2 Shadows, and Development of Sociology Projects

Foundations in Photography – Work flow – Project 2 Shadows.

I have briefly looked at the work of Trent Park and Gabriele Brasco, along with reading the brief for exercise 1.6 – 1.9. I am in company this week so I was aware that I wouldn’t be able to focus as much as I wanted. However – this is perhaps better for my development. Instead of going ahead with preconceived ideas I have been able to use our days out to learn from the environment that we have visited, try some ideas, and now have two places to return to for the exercises.

Learning – reading a brief and exploring a new environment with the brief in mind means that ideas develop naturally and I can then build my creativity into this.

The light meter on my camera is inconsistent when my ISO increases and I must review an image to test my light meter.

I don’t like taking photos in churches.

I am not able to upload my camera test images at the moment but I have also explored a little on my android.


Father Brown – BBC productions (Alibi; Chanel 132; SKY; shot from Android on 28/06/2017)


I took this photo of the back cover of a book in a second hand book shop. I apologise to the author and publisher for not crediting your work – I didn’t make a record of the book title, author or publisher.


An example of diffuse lighting – I photographed this photo inside the Natwest bank in Whitby on a day out.

Development of Sociology Ideas

I have a few projects in the pipeline, but the next two that I am developing are on mental health and stigma, and social control. I have decided how I can move forward with these by making a montage and a magazine style documentary, and have collected more articles for this along with some exploratory photography.

My homelessness project is an ongoing project that I will continue to develop over the next two years, and Making My Mark is a project that falls within the scope of my Beauracracy project. I am collecting images for these longer term pieces of work, but focusing on mental health and social control are my priorities.

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