Exercise 1.6 – Light and Shadows – Digital Sketch Book

All photos taken on my Samsung phone, in pro mode with exposure compensation of -1. I have the cropped the photos on the photo editor app, and increased the contrast and saturation. This was part of my research for exercise 1.6 Light and Shadows, for Foundations in Photography, with The Open College of the Arts.

8 Replies to “Exercise 1.6 – Light and Shadows – Digital Sketch Book”

  1. About 10+ years ago I had the good fortune to be an adjunct instructor for a local technical school. I taught a very very basic PhotoShop class. It was very interesting to me how many things a person can do with a photo. Thanks for reminding me about a great time in my life.

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    1. It’s incredible what can be done isn’t it. I tend to use Lightroom because it’s easier in some ways. However, I am aware there are some things that Photoshop can perform far more efficiently. I need to improve my photoshop skills. By the way, your resume is impressive.

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      1. Thanks for taking a peek at my resume. I still have an active license for Photoshop Elements 8 that I use when I need to do a quick touch-up, crop, or other simple edits. There are a few free downloads of software that have the same basic tools and our office uses those when needed. One of the fun things we used to do was colorizing black and white photos. Using the dropper tool to get skin tones and other hard to match colors from other photos and using transparency to see the detail of the photo under the tint. Have a blessed day.

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