Chasing the Dragon (Carnival Clown)

I went to my own carnival

A dragon it did smoulder

Chased it down, that line of brown

I wish I could have told ya.


I wish I could of told ya

Exactly how it felt

A cold hot breeze, down through my knees

I felt my body melt.


I felt my body melt

I was wrapped in a moist, warm womb

10 more hits, 10 lines of shit

Without them – just gloom.



My raspberry ripple, melted ice cream, rush

Has vanished, I’m now scuz

A knock comes loud, fall through my cloud

Bollocks – Fuck – Shit, it’s the fuzz.


Bollocks – Fuck – Shut, it’s the fuzz

The scag has now turned stale

I’m in a fix, I NEED a fix

I face a stretch in jail.


Inside is so much easier

I even get to eat

It wern’t like that in my dismal flat

I’ve landed on my feet.


I’ve landed on my feet

But the H is hard to score

I share a pin, and sell my skin

I am a heroin whore.


I was a heroin whore

Initially – what a rave

But six foot down, now whose the clown

In my six by three feet grave.


2 Replies to “Chasing the Dragon (Carnival Clown)”

  1. It is a sad reality but it’s not the whole story. Most countries have drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, and there are so many self help groups around the world now so more an more people are recovering.


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