Exercise 1.6 – Light and Shadow

Brief:- Make a series of photographic studies of light and shadow. Use your spot meter to expose the highlights correctly, but make the shadows dark. Use the edges and corners of your frame to create dramatic compositions. You’ll need to shoot many exposures for this project, perhaps more than you’re accustomed to taking. Be observant and go out specifically with taking pictures in mind. Notice:- Sun streaming light in through windows, the way trees cast their shadows, patches of light cast through trees and shrubs, angular shadows across city streets.

I have really enjoyed this project and I have become more accustomed to notice what is going on around me, more of a feel for noticing people walking through highlights, and aware of how dark areas in a photo can create a mood.

For this project I have been out on several occasions and taken test photos on my smart phone which can be seen here. In fact one of my favourite photos was a test shot taken on my phone.

20170708_111327Keys R; 2017

The shadows on the wall do not come through well on the image, but to me its a message of hope. Being stuck behind a dark barrier, with light and colour on the other side, and a stairwell leading out, an exit.

The rest of the photos were made on my D7100, and have had some adjustments in Lightroom, dodge, burn, increase shadows, and crop.


These are the photographs that I think work the best because of the light and composition, and I am aware that 1 and 3 are more on the lines of silhouette than working with light and shadow, but in saying that they show good use of highlights and darks. I rarely convert my images into black and white, but I am pleased with how it works with the train.

Here are a few more that I liked.


A final word – I saw these images today


MacDonald I; 2017; Los Angeles Street Photography with the Fuji X100F

I like the shadow of the bike and how it is framed against the shadow cast by other street furniture, and the second photo, the leading lines, angles, perspective and composition.


Ian Macdonald Photography

Keys R; 2017; Exercise 1.6 Light and Shadow; Digital Sketchbook; https://photosociology.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/exercise-1-6-light-and-shadows-digital-sketch-book/ (accessed on 12/07/2017)

MacDonald I; 2017; Los Angeles Street Photography with the Fuji X100F; Ian Macdonald Photography; https://ianmacdonaldphotography.com/2017/07/12/los-angeles-street-photography-with-the-fuji-x100f-part-two/ (accessed on 12/07/2017)



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