Re Organised Website – Can Focus on Study and Sociology Projects Now

My website :- was looking a little untidy. I have spent the day reorganising it, so that I can now focus on my study and projects. It has taken me a while, but I hope it is brighter, more professional, and consistent now.

I have also added to the macro gallery and arranged the site so that I have a page for insects and a page for flowers. I have renamed our other photos to general.

I have had a period exploring different genres and I am aware that there are three that I really enjoy :- Sociology, Events and Macro. These are what I really feel enthusiastic about and bring me a lot of enjoyment.

The three projects that I am working on are Homelessness, Mental Illness/Mental Wellbeing, and The Media and Social Control. My homelessness project is ongoing, and I have a project board, plan and draft proposal for Mental Illness/Mental Wellness, and a draft plan for The Media and Social Control. The exploratory photos for the mental health project are coming along slowly, but they are giving me ideas about technique.

Tomorrow will be getting my printer working, and uploading exercise 1.9.


Macro (1 of 1)MacroMacro

Have a good evening.

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