Test Photo for Paranoia – Recallibration of Screen and Printer Required – Keep it Simple Sunday – Violin

I’ll begin with Keep it Simple Sunday. I don’t do anything complicated on a Sunday and I don’t turn my computer on. As much as I enjoy photography, I find Lightroom and developing my photography equally enjoyable and mindful. However it is an intense process for me. I only use my computer for developing, photography, my website and study – so it stays off on Sundays.

Which means I can recalibrate my monitor or printer and it definitely needs it. My current project Mental Illness/Mental Wellness is coming along and I printed out one of my test images yesterday. It’s sitting in front of my fire so I can consider whether I like the concept. I think I have a problem with the yellow cartridge – I’ll find out tomorrow.


The colours are so far off its scary. However – I like the on screen version. The photo involved me asking a security guard to talk into his radio whilst looking at me. Using a 10 stop ND filter, ISO 100, f22, 1.3 sec- panning onto him. In lightroom I’ve burned the doors and repeatedly dodged the background of the security guard. The A3 photo is on watercolour and the a4 is matte photo paper.

Even without having the correct colours in print it’s good to have the photos printed. I am going to overpaint in acrylics – think abstract – think Kandinsky (Can’tdon’tsky in my case as I have no ability – but hey – can’t remain in my comfort zone). If the overpainting doesn’t work it doesn’t work, but if I can get what’s in my head onto the photo that will really help with the project. The project will involve 24 photos depicting mental illness and mental well being – portrait orientation and 1 landscape orientation as a book cover.

I’ve been out with my camera making further test shots, researching how to research and plan projects, and one of my favourite things – reading blogs from other creative people. There are some truly amazing people out there whose talent is inspiring.

My recommendation for other photographers – follow photographers blogs but don’t limit yourself only to photography. Follow other artists, writers, poets, musicians, designers. I get so inspired by the creativity of others.

Oh and one more thing – I’ve been trying to teach myself to play the violin. I only started 4 weeks ago. God it’s so hard. However – I’m definitely improving. I can play the scale of D major. I’m following an online tutor – but decided to skip forward from open strings to scales. It made sense to me that if I learn the scales then my fingers will be more used to the positions of the notes than learning each finger separately. ¬†And if your one of my neighbours – I’m sorry to be hurting your ears.

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