My Approach to Exercise 1.11 – Transitions – Breach of the Peace

Every time I went out shooting since starting the course I looked to capture movement, panning, zoom, shutter speed, people, animals and transport.

I had a series from my events photography that was good, and showed movement and stillness in many forms, but it didn’t say anything. I love events photography and it gives me the opportunity to promote my work, but it isn’t artistic.

I chose roundabouts because they are not the photographic form. They are often overlooked places of transition. They don’t only show movement and stillness as structure and object – they become a subject, a journey, going somewhere, leaving somewhere.  A mystery for the viewer that can be analysed.

The boats was an adventure of peaceful movement in the first photo and gradually breaching the peace as I opened the shutter. The movement became quicker. I don’t know that the boats work that we’ll but I wanted to explore breaking the cliché of peaceful boats on calm waters.

I also tried to leave space in the frame. I often close crop subjects, but through following others blogs I wanted to allow space for the viewer to breath into the photo. Space also creates a broader context.

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