Northern Pride – My Kind of Britain – Emotionally Preparing to Photo in a Large Crowd

My Kind of Britain is an ongoing project about diversity, equality and discrimination, that I began a few months ago. I intend for it to be an ongoing project. With this in mind I am visiting Northern Pride in Newcastle tomorrow. “Here at Northern Pride we have an overall mission to reduce homophobia, promote awareness of equality and to unite LGBT communities across the region.”

Preparing my photography equipment is straight forward. My mental health is a little more difficult. I’ve had increased anxiety and racing thoughts for a couple of days. I have to build up to talking with people, explaining a project and seeking consent. It terrifies me in the build up and right up until I open my mouth. However once I have started to speak I take on the role of photographer, become present and my mind switches off. Today my emotions are quite intense. It will pass.

I’ve completed a lot of coursework over the past few days so that I could switch off today, and so that I can develop my photos on Monday and Tuesday.

Time now to phone a friend and seek support for the anxiety I’m feeling.





8 Replies to “Northern Pride – My Kind of Britain – Emotionally Preparing to Photo in a Large Crowd”

  1. It’s such a fine balance travelling the line from the excitement/anticipation and channelling it into energy instead of the fear taking over. I think it’s really good that you’re able to recognise this, know it will pass, and seek some support when you need it.
    Wishing you a successful day tomorrow.


  2. Hi Richard, Thank you for this post. I am sure you will have a really good shoot at Northern Pride tomorrow. I especially liked the diversity image in your My Kind of Britain series. I wonder if parts were staged and others spontaneous? I look forward to the images from Northern Pride. Perhaps you will be able to use some of them in your OCA work? Best Sarah

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  3. Hi Sarah.
    Thankyou. This project is in the early stages so there isn’t much to show at the moment.

    All photos are candid street shots. The two gentlemen photographing each other – I had my camera out as I was in the process of photographing the town for another shoot.

    Diversity – peterborough – a multicultural city that I find very vibrant. I sat in front of the market, set my camera up and waited for people to be in the centre of the frame without people walking in front of them. It took 20-30 minutes! I decided not to crop the man out walking in from the left because he creates movement back into the centre of the frame. The young woman walking in from the right was accidental and I wasn’t aware till I got home. However she creates a boundary to the right of the picture and adds humour and movement. I’m really glad she walked past because she adds to the photo. I like those accidental moments.
    Thankyou Sarah. I’m sorry I haven’t commented on your insta photos. I am not going to join instagram right now as have too much with study, my own projects, twitter and here.

    However, Kings cross is beautifully composed. There were some others that caught my eye as well – the purple flowers particularly.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  4. There is that old saying ‘that a problem shared is a problem halved’. Being able to talk/write about your anxiety is step towards reducing it. My particular thoughts that you’re very brave to mention it so, good on you! I’ve heard it said (citation needed as Wikipedia would say!) that being out of one’s comfort zone can lead to high levels of creativity even if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. So, make the most of the Pride event, I feel you’ll come back with some great photos!

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  5. Thankyou David. I do find it better to not keep my emotions locked in. I’ve also seen that a lot of OCA students talk through their emotions and how the have an impact upon and direct their photography coursework and assignments.

    How is your Brexit tank barrier project coming along?


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