Lensculture Free Street Photography Competition – My Day (Managing Health/Studies/Projects) – Long Term Goals

lensculture are currently running a street photography competition. If you are entering a single photo you can do so for free. There are only fees for submitting 2 – 5 single photos or a series of 10. You retain the copyright of your image, although you do give consent for lensculture to make use of it, and they will link back to you if they do.  https://www.lensculture.com/competitions/street-photography-awards-2017

We all have commitments, family, friends, work, caring for relatives, health issues etc, to manage alongside our studies. For me its physical and mental health. I would really like to be able to evaluate, develop and upload my photography from Northern Pride within a week. That is not possible for me. I stepped well outside of my comfort zone at the weekend, and that is fantastic. However, the consequences are that I am exhausted emotionally, and in pain physically. It’s not a big deal, and it’s not a complaint, but I do have to be realistic and honest with myself about what I am capable of on any given day.

Today I am capable of updating this blog, entering a photograph in the lensculture competition and reading the blogs of other creatives on WordPress.

My goals have developed since beginning Foundations in Photography with the Open College of the Arts, and I now have a clear and realistic plan, based upon my current health limitations. I am also aware that things may take longer, or not as long as imagined, and that flexibility is good. I am a newbie to Foundations in Photography, and it is already helping me to develop a vision for my future.

My Plan

Foundations in Photography – to complete over two years – Why? to explore life and my relationship to the wider universe through developing my technical and creative photographic abilities. To study part-time over two years, so that I keep the pressure off of myself, manage my physical and mental health and increase my confidence with and enjoyment of photography.

BA (Hons) Photography degree with the Open College of the Arts (part-time over 6 years). Why? Two reasons, long-term I aim to be a professional photographer and I believe that studying photography alongside my personal projects will push me and bring the best out of me. I am impressed with the Open College of the Arts. The quality of the study materials, the professional tutors, the amount of support available from the support team. The thing that I am most impressed with though is how OCA has created a student platform through the use of OCA-Student, and the encouragement and guidance with setting up blogs. The blogs are a superb way of submitting coursework and assignments, but more than this, they are an excellent way of learning from and interacting with other students.

Following on from the degree

Develop as a professional events photographer and create a stable career.

The events photography will be the source of income so that I can live, and also to provide the means required to push the sociology photography that means so much to me.


2 Replies to “Lensculture Free Street Photography Competition – My Day (Managing Health/Studies/Projects) – Long Term Goals”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, reflection and plan. This is both insightful and realistic I think and brave too.
    As you rightly say we all have our own challenges to tackle alongside our FiP programme and a realistic plan to achieve clear ambitions and goals is very helpful. Plans can be regularly reviewed and adjusted if necessary!
    All good wishes for achieving all you hope to do. I am sure you will

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