Exercise 1.13 Make a Contact Sheet

Brief:- A contact sheet is a document with a collection of small “thumbnail” images on it. This can be a printed document or a digital document like a pdf or even a Microsoft Word file. Contact sheets are useful for viewing images quickly. Also, viewing each image so small renders it more of a graphic, emphasising its main shapes and lines. In this exercise you will learn how to make pdf contact sheets in Adobe Bridge to send to your tutor with assignments.


I chose to use Lightroom for this process rather than Bridge. I am not familiar with Bridge and Lightroom has a straight forward process to create pdf contact sheets. I have used the “stroke border” option for the contact sheet. I did not do this when I made a contact sheet for 100 photos, it isn’t a necessity, however I do think that I prefer the contact sheet with a border. I welcome feedback on what you prefer and how you prepare your contact sheets.

Lightroom (_DSC0876.NEF and 34 others)

Lightroom (_DSC0876.NEF and 34 others)

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