Square Mile – Contact Sheets

Here are the contact sheets of the photos for Square Mile, after the initial evaluation.  There are 41 photos in total. I am going to get this down to 24, once I have reviewed these, and make two series of 12, which I will then ask for critique from my peers, before making the final selection. The series will be a historical journey through York from the first century up to the present day. I have not developed these photos as yet, I will do so when I am down to the final 24. These photos all have the clarity that I desire and fit into my themes, so I am more concerned with which ones fit together rather than developing them at the moment. Although I have lebelled these Series 1 and Series 2, I may well swap photos around once I have developed them.

My aim is to have the final series include capturing stillness and movement, light and shadow, using different white balance to emphasise warmth, sunshine, diffuse light, coolness and emphasise linear structure. Also I want to use the research from Tom Hunter and Dan Holdsworth to bring the photos together in a series that is also sequential in nature.

I welcome critique and feedback, so if you wish to comment, then please do so.

Series 1

Series 2


Series 1

Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 24 others)Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 24 others)

Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 22 others)Lightroom (_DSC4657.NEF and 22 others)

10 Replies to “Square Mile – Contact Sheets”

  1. Hi Richard
    Thank you for inviting comments and asking about ideas for how these images may fit together. I recall you planned two potential frameworks for your Square Mile series, the first being images of places known to you, and secondly images juxtaposed using Johari’s window methodology.
    My own leaning is towards choosing the places known to you and explaining the reasons. I recall you planned a photo book idea with a text page alongside each image.
    I look forward to your final selection.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thankyou Sarah. I couldn’t go with the Johari Window series because I didn’t approach the council in enough to time for them to make a decision as to whether I could leave letters around.

      So these are all ones which I took. I’m going to develop them over the next few days.

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  2. SERIES 1

    1/25 – Works well as a composition, also giving a fair idea of the one square mile. A balanced visual composition giving information about the architecture, place, layout, etc. A very strong image.
    2/25 – Again a strong composition including the three triangles giving it a dynamic view that takes the viewer into it and has an upward movement.
    3/25 – I like the visual balance that is being created by the sky and the building on the left in contrast with the tall building on the right.
    6/25- you have better visual compositions here. This one seems a bit cluttered.
    7/25 – I like this image because it suggests to the viewer the kind of place that it is – tourists taking pictures – suggest a well visited place.
    8/25 vs. 14/25 – I prefer the no 8 here as the composition is strong in terms of the building behind the statue giving it a context whereas in no. 14 the context gets lost and the image of the statue could be anywhere in the world.
    9/25 – I really like this image as it feels very lively with lots of people in it. Establishes a connect with the viewer of being in that space
    10/25 – love the lines leading the viewer into the image. I know people in it have just added to the composition.
    11/25 vs 12/25 – I am not clear what the visual is at the end of the tunnel but it works well. The human element definitely adds to the image.
    13/25 – also gives a tourist feel – like the human element with the movement (slow shutter speed adds to the image) – stillness and movement comes across well here. You will have to decide which out of the tourist lot image makes it to your final top 12.
    15/25 works here better than the horizontal version in the other series (13/23) as it adds a sense of mystery to the image
    18/25 – Am not sure – Is the tombstone of a family member?
    19/25 – like the composition – love the diagonal line being formed by the river bank and hints of the blue.
    22/25 – Again a great mood to the image. A good blend of old and new architecture, people all in one frame
    23/25 – love the composition here – beautiful. Am sceptical if this translates into a “design image” like my tutor suggested?
    24/25 vs 24/25 – I prefer the 24 but don’t really know if it fits the brief as this could be any building (as its modern) anywhere in the world. The lonely figure is a good element. The tapering tower like structure in the far background is getting lost. Inclusion of a more prominent old architectural structure could have given this image a more “feel of a place” factor.

    Visual layout, balance, inclusion of elements have been done well in your images. I suggest that you upload higher resolution contacts as its difficult to make out details when one zooms in. I will look at your other series in the evening and leave you feedback for that. I get your “one square mile” feel in a lot of images. It will be tough for the final edit. Good luck. Touch base in the evening again.

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    1. Thankyou so much Archna. I will go through your comments and review them with the contacts later. I have deliberately not included the text that will accompany each image. The text will add the historical context and Yorks journey from the first century to the present day, as i wanted to get the visuals right first. Your input is really appreciated.


      1. Yes in fact thats a good thing that you haven’t included the text here as that changes our perspective quite a bit. I think this works better for initial feedback as one focuses on images that talk to you. 🙂 am now going through your second series and will post it soon.


  3. Ok I think this is a final edit of the selected images as they are repeated – am sorry I didn’t realise that.

    My favourites in this are – 1/7/8/9/10/11/13/14/17/22/23

    Again, visual composition is quite strong in most of the images. Am sure since you are still going to develop these, the colours and tonalities you will take care of. Since there was no text explaining these images, I have understood and looked at them from an outsider’s perspective and that works better at this stage because images should be able to tell a story without being explained most of the times. And that works very well here. Based on my tutor’s feedback and now looking at your images, I have understood how same images with or without people can make a difference and that is so well displayed in the images that you have taken with and without people in the frames. I also now understand how it makes such a huge difference. This has been a great learning for me as well. Thank you for allowing me to comment on these. My detailed comments on images are already given above. I hope this helps. I really look forward to your final edit. Best wishes and good luck

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    1. It really does help Archna, thankyou. I have included a few images in both sets of contact sheets, either because they are visually strong – or because of the history they represent.

      I think its beneficial for us all to critique each others work. In this instance its helping me to gain a more objective view of photography and a series, which I have a lot of subjective thoughts and feelings.

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      1. I think its just works to get different point of views as it helps us to objectively look at our work. When the work is up for the world to see, it becomes important to understand how others are looking at it. Like my tutor feedback pointed to the design image which I just loved but was not really fitting to the the theme as well as another image would have. I am aware that I do that quite often and I must stop doing it. So yes, it definitely helps us grow and better our work.

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      2. I agree. I must say that your tutor feedback was a motivation for me asking others to critique my contact sheets before I put the final series together. There are two photos that fit into the design category that I really like but I may decide not to include.

        I really appreciate your input.

        I really liked your cow photo. I understand how sacred cows are in India. I think the inclusion of that photo is important in the context of the change and growth (modernisation) but with some traditional facets being maintained.

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  4. Thank you Richard. I also want to take the cow photo further as it gives me a sense of traditional vs modernism on one hand; also at the same time the human indifference and apathy that throws them out once they have served the purpose. Abandoning them on the road does contradict with the basic Indian ethic of them being sacred. Does sacred mean nothing to us any longer? What we believe in and what we do is a whole different thing. Such is the condition of animals in this country. And it hurts me immensely to see this. I just couldn’t find enough images to put together a series for this but its definitely something very close to my heart which I will pursue for sure. Once again thanks a lot for your feedback. I appreciate it. 🙂

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