Enjoying Developing for Square Mile – This Weeks Learning – Lightroom Tutorial Develop Module Global Developments Next Week

I am currently developing photos for assignment one – Square Mile. It’s been a lot of fun. Hard work because I want to present my photos in a manner that I’m happy with. One of the keys for me has been to seek guidance and critique from others.  I have now established which photos I want to include. My next step is to cross reference those with the feedback I have received from others. I will include the photos that we all agree on and then review and reselected to make up the final 12.

The most important thing for me this week has been to follow the guidance in the FiP manual – to continue even if you don’t feel like it. I wasn’t well on Saturday and didn’t enjoy the photography but I continued with it. I felt really disheartened and felt that I made really awful photos. They are much better than I thought and include all the aspects of learning from Workflow.

Lightroom tutorial 4 – Develop module – Global development – I’ve put that on the back burner this week so that I can focus on my assignment. I will get it written and posted next week.

Have a fab weekend.

4 Replies to “Enjoying Developing for Square Mile – This Weeks Learning – Lightroom Tutorial Develop Module Global Developments Next Week”

  1. Your learning is always an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I am sure we all have days when we are disheartened. I know I look at my images and feel like putting the camera away after a bad day, especially when I have devoted time and energy and seem to have no single worthwhile shot! But then a single opportunity and good result is so exciting! Keep on going!

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  2. Your were right to press on even though you didn’t feel good. It is possible that the anxiety felt at the time feeds the creative process even though one is feeling uncomfortable during it.

    Similar to you perhaps, I too have felt a bit negative when shooting for the assignments. Compared to the exercises these are the ones that really count so, it’s important that we get them right. It’s only when I’ve got the images on the screen that my concerns ebb away.

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