Demonstrating My Process of Selecting Photos for Assignment 1

It’s been a process from evaluating the photos in camera and windows photo viewer, lightroom review, making two series of preferred photos, another review and getting down to 48 photos.

I turned those into undeveloped contact sheets and sought critique and feedback. The aim was to review strengths and weaknesses of composition, subject and technique.

The next step was to develop the photos, select my favourite 12 and then cross reference these with the feedback from others.

The photos that we all agreed on I cut out and put them in one pile, and have then re-evaluated the photos that I preferred and that others gave feedback on.

I know have 12 photos that are probably in the final series and 11 reserves (see below). I have reserves because my series is York – A Photographic History. I intend to cover a wide history so I may take an image or two out once I’ve double checked my history research. The series will be a pdf book format with an image on the left page and accompanying text on the right. I will arrange the photos chronologically so that the book reads as a sequence.

Probable Final Series



20170827_153535I have received input and feedback from several people in relation to photo selection and photo development. My heartfelt thanks

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