PDF of PhotoBook Produced for Square Mile – Feedback Appreciated.

I decided that I would make my series for Square Mile into a PhotoBook. There are two PDF files, one for the cover and one for the book.

I am going to proof read tomorrow before I commit to getting it printed. It will be a12inch by 12inch hardback book. I would really appreciated any feedback. In the PDF the Pages are above and below each other. So there is a photo and then a page of text that accompanies the photo. In the book they will be side by side. I dont know how to do that in my PDF viewer.

York A Photographic History Cover

York A Photographic History

My plan for Thursday is to make final adjustments from proof reading, and then write up my reflections on the assignment.


12 Replies to “PDF of PhotoBook Produced for Square Mile – Feedback Appreciated.”

  1. It is great to see the final images that have progressed so far from the originals with your development. The accompanying stories are fascinating. There is always something new to learn about an ancient city like York.
    Great stuff Richard. Is this hardback book going on sale?

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  2. Hi Richard. A great approach to The Square Mile Assignment. Your photos brought back memories of the old place. Born and bred and Hull, York was a place to visit for days out and the like. I’m long over due a return trip!


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