York:- A Photographic History – Assignment One – Square Mile

I have produced a photobook to present the series, and a reflections book to demonstrate my processes, technique, learning and development. Once these have been printed I will send them to my tutor.

I am aware that on WordPress with tbe content area white background, some of the highlights and whites of the images bleed into the page. In the book I use a lemon pastel background which is more effective.

Although all of the photographs are in the books, you can find them below, along with the PDF’s for both books.

Photobook Front and Back Cover

Photobook – Main Body

Assignment One Reflections – PDF

Assignment One Reflections Book a


Contact Sheets

Final 13

Developed top 40 series 1, and series 2

As shot 48 – series 1, and series 2

As shot – full set of 70

627 CE – The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter (York Minster)

York :- A Photographic History


Back Cover (this is not an assessed photo)

York :- A Photographic History


71 CE – The Southern Gateway to Eboracum, St Helen’s Square

York :- A Photographic History


306CE – Constantine the Great

York :- A Photographic History


866 CE – Coppergate, Jorvik and Ivar the Boneless

York :- A Photographic History


1190 CE – The Festival of Pesach Massacre, Clifford’s Tower

York :- A Photographic History


1350 CE – Shambles

York :- A Photographic History


1570 CE – Guy Fawkes – St Michael le Belfrey

York :- A Photographic History


1644 CE – Roundheads, Cavaliers, and the Siege of York

York :- A Photographic History


1739 CE – The Execution of Dick Turpin

York :- A Photographic History


1825 CE – Mad Alice – Lunds Court

York :- A Photographic History


1997 CE – El Piano, the Latin Quarter, and the Festival of Angels

York :- A Photographic History


2015 – The Great York FloodYork :- A Photographic History


7 Replies to “York:- A Photographic History – Assignment One – Square Mile”

  1. The outcome is fantastic Richard and I can see why this project has come out to be so beautiful – it clearly reflects your effort, dedication, sincerity and hard work. You have woven the series together wonderfully. I really appreciated reading your reflections and thought process behind the entire project. Indeed 12 photos are not enough to tell the entire story of a such a historically rich place, but I feel that it is a great start and one that has a potential to take it forward in various directions. Great work in Lightroom and thank you as always for creating all the helpful tutorials for all of us. Great effort and well done.


  2. Hi Richard

    As previous e mail, just great stuff.

    I am interested in your comment “not assessed” photograph.

    As I understand it we are not assessed in any academic sense for this FiP course … in grades or marks. Rather at the end we are given a recommendation (or not!) as to whether to proceed to the degree, which is assessed formally. This is a formative programme and all contributions will be given consideration in that sense.

    I hope I am correct and that I may be given a view about development of learning and potential at the end!!!

    Happy Friday everyone. September 1st. Autumn is officially here!




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