Mushroom Head

Mushroom head is full of scare

There’s a goat stuck up my nose

A nightmare’s in the wardrobe

Where a cabbage normally grows.


A bus slides past, on its roof

Down the icy street of blood

Monsters in my mushroom head

Want to suck my blood.


My brain – it ain’t that normal

Since psychosis settled in

I’ve let it have the front room

And I live in the bin.


The doctor don’t know what to do

He’s given me some drugs

But the nightmare took them off me

And fed them to the slugs.




It stood there and laughed

With dark and hollow eyes

Then told me very calmly

“I will turn you into pies”


It forced me into the kitchen

And took a knife in hand

“Don’t speak to me like that again”

“I hope you understand”


“I’m not your psychosis”

“Look in the mirror and see”

“You are my reflection”

“It’s you who’s buggin me!”


No I don’t know what is true

“WHO IS REAL” I shout

So I’m going to hang myself tonight

And then I’ll soon find out.


If I’m not successful

And find that I still live

Then I will know that I’m the madness

And in mushroom head I live.


But if I gasp and choke and die

My reality will be known

Mushroom head will vanish

And I’ll die in peace, alone.

5 Replies to “Mushroom Head”

    1. Hi Sarah. I’m good thanks.
      Saturday is a day I try and write poetry. Some of it can be quite dark. I deliberately didn’t post another one that’s very dark. Didn’t want to worry people.

      My poetry doesn’t necessarily reflect my mood.

      How are you?


  1. Good poem and I’m glad to hear you’re OK mate! Drugs are bad! Even cannabis has been refined through cross breeding and is far more potent that the stuff puffed away in the 60’s and 70’s. It can really mess with people’s heads these day. Stick to Gin, that’s what I say… 🙂

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