Reflections on the Week

After completing Assignment One last week, I took a couple of days to chill. As well as sending my photo book to my tutor, I will be sending my reflections and learning booklet.

Then it hit me – having links to contact sheets will not work in a paper book, so I removed the links, included contact sheets and then sent the booklet to the printers.

This week my focus has been writing a photo essay on homelessness, which I have submitted, completing Lightroom tutorial 4, and developing some photos for my personal photography projects. Once I have completed editing the bird photography I will read the coursework for Image the Portrait. Which I’m not looking forward to. I hardly see people. My friends don’t live nearby, I don’t socialise, I’m a hermit. Solutions will appear because they always do.

It’s not always easy to read all of the other blogs that I want too, but I’ve had more time this week. It’s a lovely process seeing people start coursework, ¬†complete each section, plan and execute their assignment and then get their tutors feedback. A few people have completed assignments and a couple have had feedback. I enjoy and learn from other people’s study, and I get hope from seeing them complete an assignment or unit.

2 Replies to “Reflections on the Week”

  1. This is a great blog. Thanks for sharing. Please do not worry too much about portrait. You can use yourself as a model and explore self portraiture. As you say. Solutions will emerge.

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