I’m Reaching Out Tonight (Think Back from the Edge)

The river is so cold and wet

I am sinking out of sight

Dark cold water fills my lungs

I’ve killed myself tonight.


Floating down the swollen river

The stars they shine so bright

My coat is heavy, weighs me down

Could it be tonight?


Upon the bridge I’m looking down

My head is numb and light

No one’s around, so I step off

Maybe it’s tonight?


I close the door behind me

The snow is crisp and white

I have a plan, I’ll see it through

Please God, please tonight?


My dearest friends and family

My last wishes I here write

It’s not your fault, but I must go

I’m sorry, but it’s tonight.


My thoughts and feelings hurt me so

Nothing left to fight

I have to end this living hell

I believe it is tonight.


Depression is too deep, too dark

The tunnel has no light

I’ve laid in bed another week

Stuff, it’s tonight


I’ll dial that helpline number

Though I’m scared and full of fright

                                                                       “Hello Samaritans”

“I’m desperate can you help me?”

I reached out tonight.


Make the call, You’re worth it!

Suicide Hotlines

In 2016 there were 6188 suicides in The UK and Republic of Ireland. Suicide is a serious issue. If you are feeling suicidal help is available.

UK and Republic of Ireland The Samaritans on 116123 or email jo@Samaritans.org you can find other resources on u can cope

In the USA Nation Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

In Canada 403 327 7905

In Australia Lifeline Australia 13 11 14

In India The Samaritans +91-22-2307-3451

In Israel  Eran 1201

Twitter 800273TALK

Please add suicide hotline numbers from your country in the comments and I will add them above.


P.S. My poetry can be quite intense. I am OK.  Writing is recovery.

24 Replies to “I’m Reaching Out Tonight (Think Back from the Edge)”

      1. Yes, I’m ok, too. I reached out just on time, long time ago. The most important thing is to believe that while you’re alive there’s always a chance that the things can get better and… don’t be afraid of change. The change is always there.

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  1. Wow! That’s intense and beautifully written Richard! I just saw this. Am moved. So glad you are helping others by writing this stuff and reaching out. I think you have a great thing going now. Helping and reaching out are two best things one can do with their lives. I love your poetry!!

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  2. This reminds me of my poem The Suicide Epidemic on my blog. I talked myself out of jumping off of a bridge. Intense pain was triggered by a toxic relationship I have learned to stay away from also during processing emotions of a local youth pastor’s suicide. Thanks for sharing!!! And thanks for staying!! ❤️

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