An Intriguing Photographic Discovery.

I walked into a retro shop on Saturday and discovered a 1963 book called “On Photography” by Tom Hustler (Evans Brothers LTD; London).20170911_094645

Inside the cover I found a loose photo, an envelope with three negatives, and a letter.20170911_094815

The letter is addressed to a Mr Kaye. The author of the letter doesn’t give his name and there is no signature. The narrative is.20170911_094705

Attended Cardiff Show.

Met photographer Garwood.

Garwood unable to attend Driffield show in capacity of staff photographer for Dog World.

Would the author like to attend in the role.

Author states he was unsure as to whether he should write to Mr Kaye or Dog World.

The letter interests me the most. A piece of history has fallen into my lap and I find myself intrigued and excited. The investigation begins.  Is the author Tom Hustler? Is he somebody else? Who is Mr Kaye? Who is Garwood?

The owner of the retro shop is going to keep an eye out for found photos at auction for me. We have agreed a price that I’m willing to pay. Fingers crossed.20170911_094653

10 Replies to “An Intriguing Photographic Discovery.”

      1. Yes , lots & lots . I only buy from sellers with 100% feedback. I only started using Ebay earlier this year. There are some great finds , the only problem being I need to resist buying too many !

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