Fragile As An Eggshell

My mind, my mind

Emotions intense

My thoughts they torture me

Emotions  so intense

Your more important

Than me.

Obsessive thoughts

Of what you think

Of what you think of me.

The more I think

Of what you think

It takes a piece of me.

A piece of me

Is taken

Each time I think of you.

When I say you

It’s not just one

It’s every one I see

I think you all hate me

And I don’t think of me.

A crack appears

My mind is broken

My fragile mind

My fragile self is gone

Myself I cannot find.

I’m fragile


An eggshell


The yoke had gone

The egg white has disappeared

The space inside is fear

I live inside the eggshell

Please don’t come to near.

Please don’t

Please don’t

Just leave me alone

Fragile mind

Fragile thoughts

Fragile feelings

Fragile self

Fragile self esteem


P.S. My poetry can be quite intense. I am OK.  Writing is recovery

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