Man With a Blade -(Trigger Warning)

Hell have no fury like a man with a blade

Cutting out emotions that you’ve made.

Physical beatings assault and rape,

That’s what it was, now my minds in a state.

To end my life would be so much fun

But I can’t get my hands on a weapon like a gun

So I’m gonna have a go to put a pause in this pain

With a blade in my hand I’m gonna blood drain.


If any of the issues in this poem affect you support is available in a great many countries and online.

afspnational (twitter)



P.S. My poetry can be quite intense. I am OK.  Writing is recovery

P.S. My poetry can be intense. I AM OK. Writing is recovery.

I am aware that people do get worried about the starkness of my writing. It’s drawn from a variety of experiences. Some my own, and some of others. Please let me reassure you that I am really OK. I write from the heart and the words come as they will. I feel the need to write this disclaimer because this poem is disturbing. Please please seek help if you are struggling.


9 Replies to “Man With a Blade -(Trigger Warning)”

    1. I really appreciate your comment Sarah. It scares me to write poetry on the level that I do. It moves me and I sometimes cry when I write like this. It’s raw and powerful. In the past people have said it’s too much – to intense – too painful.

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      1. Hi Richard, I think it is clearly helping you and I am sure it may help others to know it is ok to let feelings out by using words in this way. The literature is very special.


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