Exercise 2.1


Take a piece of white paper and go out and photograph some plants in this way. Don’t cut or pick the plants; leave them where they are. You’ll probably have to photograph in ‘macro’ mode, often indicated by a tulip icon on your camera. Under-expose a little if you find the white card is causing highlight clipping.

When you’ve completed that, do the same with a person’s face. You can use a plain wall, a sheet or a large piece of paper as your background, but be sure to eradicate all environmental detail.

You can further enhance this by cropping the photos later if you find a distraction on the edges.

You’ve photographed two different subjects in different places, yet all signs of the place have been removed. What do you think that does to the interpretation of the photograph? Do you notice how it emphasises both the shape and the subject as a distinct thing?

The exercise has been an enjoyable one to undertake, and it is quite apparent that the subjects are clear, uncluttered, tidy and almost scientific. Detail is easier to see because of the lack of background. The fruit are my favourite, and I believe this is because without anything distracting then there is only the succulence of the fruit to see. When developing the orange peel my mouth watered.

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