Aos Si – The Fairie (Coming to Get You!)

At this time of year when

The night is drawing in,

The leaves they start to fall,

And my work can begin.

Cold and dampness penetrate,

Into muscle and bone,

I’m searching, watching out for you,

Will I find you alone?

Do you hear that rustling?

Or that suspicious crack?

It’s only the courageous,

Who stop and dare look back.

Hill of Tara, Hill of Tara

Samhain’s nearly here.

Spirits rise to claim your life,

At the end of the Pagan year.

Aos Si the Fairie

Are waiting to surprise,

And take you to the underworld,

Unless you’re in disguise.

You may trick the Aos Si

With mumming and fine song

But I am death! I’m winter!

If you think you’ll live – you’re wrong!

Winter is the season

That’s the hardest one to cheat.

It’s time to rest your shrivelled soul

And lay it at my feet.


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