Good News For One Of The Guys From My Homelessness Photo Essay

One of the guys that was kind enough to allow me to photograph him for my photo essay on homelessness has just moved into a bedsit. He’s in the process of applying for a buskers license as well. It’s made my day.

If you want to have a look at my photo essay (my first published article) you can see it at Homelessness – People are Only Invisible When We Choose to Ignore Them.

15 Replies to “Good News For One Of The Guys From My Homelessness Photo Essay”

      1. Autism. It’s going to be a collaboration in which I don’t take the photos, but receive photos from people with autism that highlight what autism means to them.

        How about you ? (I will read 3.2 when I get home and have broadband connected).


      2. Oh wow that sounds so deep and I think the images will be extremely evocative. Is that for the course or a personal project? I’m trying to get through Part three fairly quickly as I’ve taken quite a while to get to this point. I’m thinking of ideas for Assignment Three and how there is always an echo left of you in places you’ve visited in the memory and therefore physically. Something like that anyway 🙂 Then I’ll read Camera Lucida and carry on designing the adult colouring book I’m working on. It’s Christmas themed so to get in the mood I’m also listening to Christmas music, I know it’s crazy but it works 😛

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      3. It’s a personal project. Coursework is image the Portrait. Which feels overwhelming, so I’m reading up on portrait and lighting.

        What is assignment three about?
        The colouring book sounds brilliant. Will it be open or intricate patterns? Or a mixture? For fineliners, sharpies or pencils?

        I like Christmas carols more than pop songs. What are you listening too.

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      4. Sorry I only just saw your message.

        I bet the images will be really beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing it and I remember an assessor wrote to another student once that they loved the personal project and would have liked to see them tie it in with your assignments.

        Assignment three is showing how a space becomes a place, I think it could be explored in lots of ways. I also like the idea of assignment five with a self directed project. You can do anything 😀

        Thank you so much! I’ll send you a link!

        Haha yes Christmas songs are great! Well I was listening to Mariah Carey, Andy Williams, I love the way he sings, I was introduced to his music last year. And Winter Wonderland, songs like that 😀 How about you?


      5. I look forward to seeing your book. It sounds like a fun project to be designing.
        I havent listened to Andy Williams for a long time, years infact. And as for the music, I like the christmas carols best. Bog standard, run of the mill christmas Carols.

        Both project 3 and 5 sound like they have so much scope to explore and express within.

        I have sent emails out today for the photo essay on autism, so time to follow up on suggested research from my tutor.


    1. I’m looking forward to it Catherine. I was an insider with the homelessness project as I had been homeless before. But I’m an outsider with regard to autism. I want to weave an essay with peer reviewed information and others personal experience. My motive :- I believe that autism has been misrepresented by the media and film industry, and consequently people have a misunderstanding of autism. How are you Catherine?


      1. An insider’s view often adds more depth I think because the lived experience comes through into the work.
        I’m guessing you’ll have quite a learning curve in your new project. I certainly agree with you that autism has often been misrepresented.
        I’m doing okay thanks – will be glad to get back to doing more photography when I’ve finished this critical essay I have to write.

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    1. It’s concerned with the digital revolution and how it’s affected photography. I’m looking at documentary/photo-journalism – lots of different strands so I’ve got to weave my way around them. I’m just making sense of my notes at the moment.

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