Exercise 2.2 – People and Activity – The Plan

A trip out to 3 venues – Grosmont train station and engineer yard, on the NYMR train between Grosmont and Goathland, the platforms of Grosmont and Goathland.

What do I want to capture? Primary objective is the work being carried out in the engine sheds (trains, engineers, different aspects of work). Will make use of tripod, and will try to use flash. Will attach half toilet roll to prevent flash from bouncing off of the train (glare) so that I can direct it to the workers who I want to capture. Three engine sheds, one well lit, one dark at one end, partially lit at the other (flash), one that stores trains but is less frequently used to work on them. Small aperture, flash, tripod (longer exposure, lower ISO). Workers, trains, grinder, coal hopper, candid.

Secondary. Stations, water being topped up, leading lines, large aperture so focal point is on worker manning the hose and the front of the train. The faces of the crowd – distant, group, candid. Individuals taken candid, but then review with them post photo and ask if they are happy for me to keep the photo. Steam from wheels going over the platform edge and merging with the people.

Secondary. On the train, carriage layout, people, design. View out of window that partially includes the train. View in focus, inner train out of focus.

Will take in photo, but am considering converting to black and white or sepia, although I am not sure.

Keep eye out for portraits where only part of face has lighting. Leading lines for composition, tension on opposing thirds, natural frames, spur of the moment, contradiction/juxtaposition.

Aim:- documentary photography in the style of Martin Parr and Manuel Alvares Bravo, so that I can include candid photography capturing work, leisure and expression, but with the clarity (and hopefully artistry) of Bravo. History can be quite romantic, but I do not want that element to take over, expression and emotion to provide balance with the trains and machinery.

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