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Marcus is my favourite current street photographer, and he was recently voted 30th in wordpress’ most important street photography blogs. His Web site has a help Centre so that you can learn to improve your photography. He also welcomes questions and comments. Marcus travels around the world regularly with his job, and he makes great photography wherever he goes. There is always a story accompanying his photos. Well worth following.

Streets of Nuremberg

Calling for Help Calling for Help | Portland | 2017

Have you checked the tips and inspirations in my Learning Center? Are you looking for specific photography related advice? Anything out of the realms of Street- and travel photography you want me to write about? Let me know in the comments section!

Have a great Wednesday!


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7 Replies to “Need help?”

    1. Hi Sarah.
      I like the consistency of quality photos that Marcus produces and that he talks through how he takes and develops his photos. I will include links to three photos that I enjoy.

      The first is of a group of zebra, and how the high key developing highlights the the patterns of the zebras fur. I like how the developing has created a romantic feel and it appears the zebra are in the snow.

      This photo confuses me and asks me to think. I know what it is, it’s obvious, but it doesn’t look right to the eye. There are two perspectives in the photo. The only way that it makes sense to my eye is to ignore the bottom fifth of the photo and take the perspective that I’m looking down from above. I also enjoy the colours, movement and stillness.

      In the following link I like the second and the last photo. The second photo is about relationships, face to face and electronic. Friendship and loneliness. Travelling together and travelling alone. Warmth and loneliness. The last photo reminds me of Trent Park, but the humour is appealing.

      Marcus also has some great architectural photography where the composition, lines, squares, movement create dynamic, and beautiful images. The one at the airport where a worker is inside the clock repairing it. He looks like the big hand of the clock. Tanzania – a man with no shoes on is repairing other people shoes out of tyres. The capture of culture and another way of life, the close crop that highlights the conditions that he is repairing the shoes in.

      I also like how Marcus talks through how and why he has made the photographs that he has. As a new photographer it helps me with my coursework and developing my technical skills. The use of light, composition, capturing emotion, juxtaposition.

      There’s so much on Marcus site that I find incredibly helpful for my development.


      1. I asked because I know the tutors are looking for this sort of thing when they look through your blog. They want to see you begin to analyse images and photographers’ work, and start to apply some the things you notice to your own work or use it in comparison to yours and others’. Thanks for answering so comprehensively. I will take a look properly this evening.

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      2. I’m glad you asked. It’s always good to analyse what we appreciate or dislike about others photography and why.

        I enjoy formally reviewing the work of photographers for the course. I have a unique style with the reviews. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy it.

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