The Umbrella Ballet with the Chinese State Circus

This was one of the most beautiful acts that I have seen. So much talent, skill and control. I have enhanced the colours on the second photo, following a discussion about lighting, gels and Photoshop. Enjoy this most beautiful act.

Umbrella Balancing Series

Umbrella Balancing Series

Umbrella Balancing SeriesUmbrella Balancing SeriesUmbrella Balancing SeriesUmbrella Balancing Series


Before and After

13 Replies to “The Umbrella Ballet with the Chinese State Circus”

  1. Wow! I seem to be saying that a lot today. What a beautiful act. Am amazed both at the acrobats’ skills and yours. I will admit that for the first time I appreciate a manipulated image than the original, referring to our discussion early this morning. 🙂 I bow!! The change in lighting is so beautifully done that it has enhanced and lifted the entire image. Incredible display of skills – what balance and what rhythm! And you Richard leave me speechless today. This wants me to redo my painting with light assignment. I can only imagine the ideas that must be coming to your head for the final assignment.!! wow!!


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    1. They made it possible, as did my brief research on Gerhard Richter a while back.

      They were astounding. I’m speechless by their performance.

      The overpainting was fun. I know I posted the settings earlier but the brush settings aren’t quite can see the brush marks when close up.

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  2. Richard,

    As always a cracking set of pictures, can’t see why you are concerns about your standards, they are brilliant. Glad to have you back and hopefully we will get chance to meet in November.
    Kindest regards

    Dave L

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  3. Great work here Richard, I love the colours! FiP has opened my eyes to colour photography in a way I never thought it would. When I started I as assumed I’d end up doing everything in monochrome!

    You had a great night out I can tell.

    Dave C

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