Candid Street Photography – Practice

With inspiration from my Foundations in Photography peers I have had a practice run at candid street photography. The genre is something that I am not entirely comfortable with, but I travelled to an event where many people expect to be photographed, and there were many photographers around.

My resistance to candid street photography comes from my concerns around consent. I do not like it if people take my photo without my consent, and there were times during this exercise that I felt uncomfortable. I pushed my self, really pushed my limits, and took photos that were distant, and that were in your face. People were walking past me, within inches of me and I took there photos, and I will not be doing that again. Others were more distant, and this felt more comfortable.

The opportunity for candid street portraits was present and I made the most of that. I will publish those separately in my gallery over the next couple of days under the title Goth Festival. I found this a lot easier. On the whole I was more distant from people, and there were a few who also engaged with the camera.

I do find it a little bizarre that I am more comfortable with candid street portraits, however, I think the difference is that the people who I made photos of were dressed up for the festival, they attend twice yearly, and they are used to being photographed, so this moves into event photography which I enjoy.

If I hadn’t been at an event (the whole town gets taken over) then I would find this more difficult. If I were to be practicing street photography upon the general public who were not involved in an event it would be harder. I did take a couple of photos of the general public.

My first attempts were very cautious and I was full of anxiety, but it did become easier as the day progressed.

I will start with the ones tha tI feel were the strongest.

Street Photography

Street Photography

Street Photography


15 Replies to “Candid Street Photography – Practice”

  1. Richard, these are tremendous images. The second set I have seen today. Your photography seems to my inexpert eye to have taken a huge leap forward. I so look forward to seeing your work. Thank you. PS please may I ask what camera you are using?

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    1. Thankyou.
      I have a way to go with my photos compared to what I think street photography should be. It’s looking for the decisive moment and juxtaposition. There are 4 here that are in that style.

      And yes, I can see a difference in both the photography and evaluation process. I get rid of more photos more quickly now.

      My camera is the Nikon d7100 with a tamron 18-300 lens.


  2. Firstly congratulations on a great job done, Richard. I think it’s a big step – firstly to get over your discomfort and then to come out with such a tremendous series of work. Your “church open” sign with the man made up as a skeleton is very clever I think – waiting for an opportune moment to capture. I loved it. there are so many things that I like in your images – like the sun falling on the woman with the blue umbrella. The hearty laugh of the woman in the picture with the sign “roast”. Love the woman eating with blood all over as makeup and with a finger stuck in her mouth – clever again – is it blood she takes or the food? 🙂

    What I love about candid photography is the rawness of the emotions that one can capture so brilliantly which would never to be grasped in a staged or posed image.Great work Richard. Candid is the way to go! very well done. Congratulations.


    1. Thankyou. As I say I’m fortunate that it was a social event as it gave me confidence. If I were to do it in general and not an event then things like the church open and chestnut stall are good. I waited for those moments. The two points are the juxtaposition in church open, and framing and emotion in the chestnut stall. I revisited the stall several times to make that photo.

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    1. It’s a difficult and contentious issue. Because of my studies and the willingness to try out street photography, which I don’t feel comfortable with, I am more comfortable with people taking my photo in the street. I don’t like it but I don’t turn away anymore

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