15 Replies to “Goth Fest”

  1. These are magnificent photographs Richard. I hope you feel pleased with them. The portraiture is stunning. I have never quite understood this event which I have not attended for some years. A good job it was not raining, I recall some of the costumes and makeup used to suffer in such circumstances!

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  2. Great photos Richard, especially the green person! I think the really tight crop has worked brilliantly there.

    I have had 50 business cards printed by Vistaprint with just my name and OCA email address on them. Idea is to hand them to people I’ve interacted with when photographing them so they can ask me for a copy.

    Regards, Mike

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  3. These are some nice shots Richard.

    I think the shot of the green man character is really good, I love the sharp focus on the red eyes, they really glare out at you from the softer greens in this image. Very nicely framed too.

    Regards, Kelv

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  4. Richard, these are brilliant. I love the 3rd ( the green man) and the 4th one (the half-hid face of the woman with roses – they are my most favourites. I think you did a great job. It doesn’t appear that you are uncomfortable with portraiture. I suffer from the same mental blocks as you do as far as people go, so I completely understand you being more comfortable with candid. and that has translated so beautifully here. I love all of them.! great work Richard. You must be proud and what a great opportunity.

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