Depth: Foreground, Midground, Background

Brief: Print three pictures from your ‘people and activity’ project. Identify your subject in each photo and draw a thick marker line around it. Identify the foreground, midground and background and draw lines around them. You should be able to identify each element clearly in your composition’s depth of space. How does it feel now the image has become an ‘object’ that you can touch, cut up and re-assemble?

I decided to use photo shop for the exercise rather than print out a photo. A photograph is more than a digital image, traditionally photographs were material objects, and I value that they are. The reason that I turned my first assignment into a photo book is because I view photographs differently when I can touch them, in comparison to viewing them on a screen. I spend more time with a physical photo and they have more of an emotional impact upon me. Because of this I am aware of the reason behind the suggestion to print the photo.

The three photos that I have chosen have come from different areas of my photography rather than from the previous exercise, and this is because they have different aspects of foreground, midground and background.

Photo 1

For this photo I used the quick selection tool, resize, eraser and brush tool, and it gave me the opportunity to move different parts of the flower around. Quite a time-consuming process, but it was fun.


Photo 2

With this landscape I chose not to identify a seperate subject, the whole scene is the subject. As well as the foreground and midground, I was able to identify two different layers of the background. Some photographs have many layers, and I felt that this was a good example.


Photo 3

The tight crop in this photo was made by by shooting with a focal length of 270mm. This has rendered the foreground, midground and background into a very narrow area.



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