Exercise 2.6 – Part 3

A continuation of the exploration of people both near and far.

Again I am considering what genre of photography the style of image could be used for. This is not about whether the photos are good or not, but how the portrait impacts upon the photo.

With photo 1, I believe this would suit travel photography, some street and also family portraits, although the distance from the camera and the photo is not close enough to really benefit the third example. Often travel photography includes people in order to create an emotional impact that reminds the viewer that they and their loved ones could visit this beautiful place, and highlights the beauty if that place as well. In the second photo the telephoto brings the man closer to the front of the frame, and it also brings compacts the background, and again this could be used for travel photography. If we ignore the background then the position of the man would be useful for street and documentary photography, as well as showing people who are involved with an activity. The final photo is certainly better for formal and informal portrait photography, along with street and documentary. The second photo creates more emotional warmth for me than the others.

The people in the above photos are so distant from the camera that these could not be considered to be portrait photography. However, with the first couple holding hands, and then two couples walking on the beach, an emotional prompt is provided. For me there is a warmth. The positioning of the people could also encourage other emotional responses, depending on how they are involved in activity. They could be arguing, or throwing a ball, or one person walking on their own – throwing flowers into the sea. This means that the people can have a significant impact despite being so distant.

Exercise 2.6, Near nd FarExercise 2.6, Near nd Far

These last two photos are more about aesthetics, beauty and mood, and not so much about the people. If the fence was lower or the camera was higher than the people could have more of an impact. An evening romantic walk with a couple in the right position would make the photo better. I have seen editorial and stock photography that make use of these kind of images.

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