Festival of Angels – York

York is a busy city all year round, but in the build up to Christmas, the city hosts the festival of angels. The festival of angels hosts the St Nicholas fair, local vendors set up stalls in the streets selling mulled wine, festive food, and of course the famous Ice Trail. The ice sculptures can be found around the city, not just the city centre, so grab a brochure, go for a walk, and tick off all of the ones that you discover.

I took the opportunity to get out with my Olympus OMD EM 10 MK iii, with the 25mm F1.8 prime, I have faith in this amazing camera, but need to get used to the controls and settings. For this special but busy event in York, it gave me the opportunity to try out the tilt screen. Impressed, held the camera in the air, with the screen tipped down towards me, and I was still able to adjust the settings manually.

Welcome to York.

York Christmas 2017York Christmas 2017York Christmas 2017York Christmas 2017York Christmas 2017York Christmas 2017York Christmas 2017



Needing DirectionYork Christmas 2017

Know Minster – Know YorkYork Christmas 2017

A gap in the crowdsYork Christmas 2017

Chitty Chitty Bang BangYork Christmas 2017

St Nicholas FairYork Christmas 2017

All Saints (and a few sinners)York Christmas 2017

Viking Hoards (and my favourite view in York)York Christmas 2017

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