Huawei P10 With Dual Leica F2.2 – Test Photos

The Huawei P10 smart phone has dual, rear facing, f2.2 Leica lens. One of them is a 12mp rgb,  and the other is a 20mp monochrome. Although you can use them individually you can also use them in combination. When combined you have a 20mp colour file,and the camera takes the light and detail from the monochrome and adds this info into the rgb. The pro mode works as a manual camera, and the low aperture and selective focus means you can create bokeh.

Although the camera is set to shoot in JPEG, if you change the file size to 20mp, you can then adjust to shoot in raw.

These are test photos where I’m practicing how to use and understand the camera. The first three are pro mode, I used an open aperture and manually selected the focus point. The rest where testing light and sharpness.

Huawei p10 TestedfedfHuawei P10 TestHuawei p10 TestLRM_EXPORT_20171214_073637LRM_EXPORT_20171214_073129

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