The Liebster Award 2018


The Liebster award is a peer nominated way of discovering new blogs and bloggers, increasing traffic to your own and other bloggers sites, and potentially a marketing tool as well. I have been nominated by The Everyday Alternative (Janine). The everyday alternative is a gothic journalism student, with a fascinating taste in heavy rock and metal. She is gothic, it’s in her blood, it’s a significant part of who she is, and therefore lives the lifestyle, rather than being a “hobbyist”.

My blog has developed because of my study with The Open College of the Arts. I study photography online with them, and they ask students to set up a blog as a way of keeping track of coursework and to submit assignments. As well as making use of my blog for these purposes, I have a personal photo gallery and write some poems from time to time, with recovery from poor mental health featuring heavily.

I have an interest in people, sociology and society. If I find something that I would like to learn about, then I research and write photo essays, either alone or in collaboration with others, so there are a couple of photo essays on my site as well.

Anyhow, enough about me and more about The Leibster Award. After the Leibster rules I will answer the questions that The Everyday Alternative has set for me.

So for those who don’t know about the Liebster Award, here are the rules:

  1. Give some recognition and promotion to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Create a post about the award on your blog.
  3. Give a reason you are passionate about blog posting.
  4. Answer the 10 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 5-11 other blogs.
  6. Inform those bloggers you nominated them.
  7. Make sure you put these rules on your post so everyone else knows what to do!

So here are the 10 questions I have been asked:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I will not go to the one place in the world that I want to go to. The Galapagos Islands. I choose not to go because of the impact of tourism on the natural environment and wildlife. Carole Cadwalladr wrote an article for the Guardian about this in 2012. I would love to go, however I will stick to documentaries.

2. If you could visit a fantasy land from one of your favourite films, TV shows or books where would you pick?

Middle Earth from J.R.R.Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. I cannot say how many times I have read the books from being a youngster until the last time just under three years ago. It is a retreat, a place of safety in a crazy world.

What food do you crave most often?

Ummm… this changes so often. Chocolate, jam roly poly, Dime Bar cake (still frozen not thawed).

What job would you be absolutely terrible at?

I couldn’t work on the bins or down the sewers, massive respect to those of you that do, thank you for the service that you provide us.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Lemon Curd. The CO-OP (UK supermarket) make their own brand. Its yummy.

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Become a zombie (death would be an awfully big adventure). I can’t run, I get paranoid about my own reflection, I’m prone to anxiety, panic and tears. Lets face it – I am zombie meat.

What song would you pay money to never hear again?

I genuinely do not have an answer. I have an eclectic taste in music:-  House of the Rising Sun by Five Finger Death Punch (heavy metal), True Friends by Bring me the Horizon (Rock, Death Metal), Holy Driver by Killswitch Engage (metalcore), Beethoven VS Chemical Brothers – Symphony Number 5 VS Galvanise by DJ’s from Mars (Electrodance, mash), Dark and Long Train by Underworld (Electronic), Jump by Girls Aloud (girl group, pop), Walk This Way by Elle and the Pocket Belles (a capella), Potiphar by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice (musical theatre), The most haunting symphony that takes me on an emotional rollercoaster (if you want me to cry play the whole of this to me) Dvorak’s 9th “New world” symphony, played here by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (classical). I could go on forever.

Is there a quote you strive to live by?

Not a quote, but I do believe that we are all human, no matter where in the world we live, or what our gender, class, ethnicity, status, wealth, poverty – We are all human, from earth, deal with it and stop fighting, tear down the barricades that we all use to be special and different, to protect whats “mine”. It’s not “mine” it never has been, never will be, it’s all “ours”. Rant over. I also believe that we are all capable of making grave mistakes, of gettings things badly wrong, and being able to move beyond and back into our strengths.

Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

Fly. I love birds. I could be a black basa, a yellow wagtail, a greater racket tailed drongo, a blue footed booby, an Indian Roller, an ostrich or a firecrest.

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

Existentially there is no past or future. They are memories or dreams, either way they are imagined. They don’t exist. Quantum physics supports this, although I dont have the space to write about that. What is self? Is it what I think I am? what you think I am? Conditioning and memory? I believe that “Self” is a construct and also has no basis in reality. However, I will play the game. Too my future self – “How soon will it be before I am free to die?”


I have to make my nominations now and create 10 questions. Please be assured that you do not have to accept the award or answer the questions if you don’t want to.

My nominees are:-








Tanya Keane


Archna Singh

Your Questions – should you choose to accept them:-

1 – If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for the day, so that you could understand their outlook on life, who would it be and why?

2 – A genie grants you three wishes. What would you wish for?

3 – What does “mental well-being” mean to you?

4 – Name three things that happened today that you are grateful for?

5 – If you could achieve one important thing during the course of the year, that would make you proud, what would it be?

6 – You are granted a superpower (like batman, not the cold war), what do you choose?

7 – If you could be told the answer to any of your deepest questions, what question would you ask?

8 – Your given the ability to play a musical instrument fluently, what do you choose and why?

9 – If you had the time to write a book what would you write about?

10 – If a photon travels at the speed of light, and the laws of special relativity mean that time stops when travelling at the speed of light, how much time has passed for the photon, compared to the time since the big bang?

Whether you choose to accept this award or decline it, I know that you are amazing.

For more information about the Liebster Award, check the webpage here.

10 Replies to “The Liebster Award 2018”

  1. Congratulations.
    Another music enthusiast. I like how the new metal groups like FFDP and Disturbed are resurrecting old songs. How do you feel Metal has changed, from say the 80’s to now, other than the addition of electronic devices?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s less pop and more rock. Musicians had to appeal to a more mainstream audience presence Internet, it may have been softer than what they played at their gigs {sometimes} but to get a large following you had to get airtime, as well as Woking up through pubs, clubs, gigs.

      The pubs, clubs, gigs haven’t changed, but artists don’t have to appeal to the mainstream now, they can write and perform the music that they want. Put it on YouTube, vimeo, twitter and FB, and your music spreads to those it appeals to. I think this means we have more sub genres. It’s no longer alternate or indie, it’s artists performing.

      Liked by 1 person

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