Assignment Two – The Original Vision

Assignment two is Painting with Light, and we are asked to create a series of images in which we use a source or sources of light to make a portrait.

Although I described my vision a while back, I decided that I would use some time to create my vision digitally using my new Huion graphics tab. Its going to take a while to get used to, especially as I am no artist. I have got it as I intend to make use of it for the “sequence” exercise in part three of the course. Look out for my version of the Hobbit, in which I will digitally create the characters and add them to landscape photos that I am preparing.

Getting back to assignment two. I was not able to follow through with this vision as there was not enough space in the environment that I was shooting. I hadn’t been there before so I had no idea of the space or layout. I will post the completed assignment when I am able to. We are required to mount our final selection so that we can consider how a series looks when it is displayed, and I am waiting for a guillotine so that I can cut the card. However I have taken, evaluated and developed and selected the final photos.

For now, here is the digital art that I have produced for my first plan.

First Plan (1 of 1)The plan was to include two sets of lighting, one at the back to produce the confetti heart, and the other at the front to paint the models with. The scene is a wedding scene, with the couple during the first dance. The male is representing The Phantom of the Opera, and the female was meant to be from The Mikado. However, I got a little carried away with the graphics and artistic side, and in the end I went a little more disco. Here is the image without the black overlay. I really enjoyed creating her hair and dress, although skin tone, shadow and shading were very difficult. The black overlay in the original is to represent that we were asked to shoot in a very dark environment to avoid light leak.


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