Repeal The Eighth


The Amendment of the Constitution (Repeal the Eighth) Bill, allows for a referendum to take place with regards to whether the 8th amendment should be repealed. The referendum will take place in the Republic of Ireland in May or June of this year. For more information visit

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  1. Thanks for this informative link. It struck me as ironic at the time–late 1982-early 1983–when Come On Eileen came out, which in itself was sort of peppy and lively, and the video showed the singer being a complete selfish lout to a young woman walking with another young woman, and one of them already had a child at a young age. It seemed like the worst video concept they could have come up, if the singer wanted to entice the woman into romance as opposed to into a life of being stuck and burdened with a child at a young age–

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