Photographic Priorities – Refocusing – Planning Next Photo Essay

The feedback from my tutor, and my own reflections have demonstrated that I can express myself creatively. I have opinions, as do people who I may photograph. There are many questions about life, people, society and myself which I can explore through photography.

I see the work of OCA student Tanya Keane  in relation to women that have had abortions and their right to make decisions about their bodies, and I see photography with meaning and purpose.

This is the beginning of my photographic exploration and expression, and I can see with my photo essays on homelessness and also on autism, that if I focus, I can develop. I’m feeling inspired right now.

With that in mind I’m putting The Hobbit on the back burner. The coursework for part three of the Foundations in Photography gives me the opportunity to explore some social issues that have meaning to me, and I have some ideas to work with.

With my non coursework photography I have been given the opportunity to work with a writer, sociology graduate and blogger, Breanna. We are working on a photo essay “The Richness of Diversity, and the Harms of Racism and Discrimination”. Breanna will write the essay and I will make the photos and hold interviews with the photographed so that their voice is heard.

Feeling very grateful this evening.

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