Re-WorkedAssignment Two



This is a re-worked version of assignment two following feedback from my tutor. She asked me to consider how I would display this series on a gallery wall? What text would I have as an accompaniment? Words which touch upon the meaning of the photos without being so explicit that the viewer cannot question or interpret the photos as they see fit.

The poem that I have written by way of introduction raises questions in a way that I wasn’t sure that I could achieve if I had composed a statement.

The concept of a gallery presentation and accompanying text is new to me so I would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions which will help me to improve upon this.

Although I have received verbal feedback from my tutor, I am going to leave going into full detail, and my response until after I have received the written feedback, so that I can attach it to the post.

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  1. I strongly believe that the photo should have no more than a title.

    It’s very rare that someone is as good a poet as a photographer;
    It’s even more rare that the poem works in a synergistic way with the photo.

    Do you want the photo to be a mere illustration of a poem–or a piece of art in its own right?

    Does the Mona Lisa have accompanying poetry? Picasso? Beethoven’s 5th?

    Let the photography speak for itself.

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    1. Hey Jack. I really appreciate your comment, and thank you for taking the time to do so.

      I am studying photography at foundation level and will be going on to study at degree level.

      My tutor has suggested that I add some form of text, because it fits with the long term aim of becoming a professional photographer, and gallery exhibitions would have some accompanying text. The theme that I will be exploring as I build upon this piece of work will be what is “self”. I do appreciate that poetry would be unusual as accompanying text to gallery pieces. It’s a start, and in the long term I do need to approve how I present text alongside photography. Text is the norm with larger bodies of work, but poetry is not the norm.


  2. Hi Richard
    First I really like this series of photographs. Second before reading Jack’s comment I was going to suggest simply using the heading and not the poem. I like the poem, in its own right, but juxtaposed it gives me too much direction.

    Of course, this is only my personal view. You are both a poet and a photographer and I see no reason why you should not have a poem alongside each image. A gallery exhibition and/or a book would then be really interesting in its own right.

    I think you should be yourself!

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    1. Thank you Sarah. My tutor rightly suggested an introduction as if it was part of a gallery collection, important practice. I couldn’t write an introduction in the manner that I wanted, so opted for the poem.


    2. On the point about being directive, I do agree with you Sarah. The poem is directive, and may be seen as quite challenging or confrontational, depending upon the viewers ability to question their own identity. The poem directs the attention to self enquiry, which then becomes a direction to questions. I’m happy with that, but I can see it as being a marmite situation.


  3. Hi Richard, although I think maybe a title for each picture is all that is required and I also agree with Jack that the photography should speak for itself, however, I also think that maybe just a short narative for each picture would provoke more thought by the viewer providing the words were not not too directing. I guess that is the difficulty!

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    1. It’s not been an easy decision Jonathan. I completely understand what my tutor is trying to get me to understand, and from the photographers Chloe Dewe-Matthews (shot and Dawn), and also Tom Hunter, I can see that introductions are the status quo, and in deed beneficial.


    1. Thanks Catherine. These aren’t going to be on a gallery wall, it’s suggested practice from my tutor.

      However, photo 5, is going to be something that I take forward from here, and build upon as a larger body of work which will explore self and identity.


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