Photographs That Say Something – Further Thoughts

Discussing with my tutor about making photos that say something has stimulated my thoughts.


  • We are individuals. What says something to me may not mean anything to you and vice versa.
  • I see photography as a means to explore as well as express. What I know is infinitesimally small compared to what I don’t know.
  • I will use my studies to beging to try and make photos that say something.
  • Outside of my studies I enjoy photography for a variety of reasons that are not about expression.
  • Bird photography slows me down and calms my mind. Patience stills me.
  • Macro photography, as above.
  • Event photography, I enjoy having to photograph quickly and hone my technical skills.
  • Portrait and street photography, although I get anxious around people I enjoy the observation and interaction.
  • Developing as a photographer is a lifelong process.

7 Replies to “Photographs That Say Something – Further Thoughts”

  1. As you say, we are all individuals. I am interested in what you say because I am trying to sort out my own preferences. I found in Iceland that one lump of black basalt with snow on it looks much like any other to me. Whereas the plant life was very interesting and I could make something of it. I think you should not force yourself into situations you do not like. But the rest of us can learn from you and examine our own likes and dislikes.

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    1. As you’ve seen earlier in the coursework, nature and flower photography has its own importance.

      Perhaps my biggest growth has come from challenging myself with street photography. Something I was initially completely against. I’m still very cautious about it, but I do enjoy it now.


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