Initial Ideas For Part Three – Communication: Narrative

My aim with this section of coursework is to explore themes and ideas that are relevent to me, and where I feel that I can have a voice through photography. Although I have these ideas I am aware that they may alter or change as my exploration of the coursework develops.

  • Exercise 3.1 Searching – Visit Durham, stay for a couple of nights and explore
  • Exercise 3.2 Series – series as typology, street art and graffiti presented as a photomontage – although I have some of the photography but will need to make more, this is a large project and will need to be done throughout the rest of this coursework, to be completed before the assignment, if this is not possible I will present it as an ongoing project for further development
  • Exercise 3.3 Sequence – unsure – an exploration of the spaces used by the homeless community
  • Exercise 3.4 Documenting change – An Alternate view of the Northern Powerhouse – closed shops in the centre of North Eastern towns
  • Exercise 3.5 Photographs from text – Leisure – William Henry Davies
  • Exercise 3.6 Mixing genres – unsure
  • Exercise 3.7 A significant object – my gohonzon and buddhist alter
  • Exercise 3.8 Re-phtographing – Extending upon assignment 2 via self portrait, as an expression of and challenge to my idea of self
  • Exercise 3.9 A significant place – unsure – I have no significant place
  • Exercise 3.10 A significant portrait – Work alongside a person who is homeless and explore how they would like to represent themselves in a formal portrait. I will purchase any clothing or props that they feel is relevent to them – I have a photographic relationship with a few homeless people already, so I can build upon the trust already developed
  • Assignment three A Narrative Photograph
  • 1 a staged photo – gambling and its human toll
  • 2 a narrative sequence – binge drinking from preloading to vomiting on the way home

2 Replies to “Initial Ideas For Part Three – Communication: Narrative”

  1. That’s a great idea laying it out in a plan like that! I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. You should read the photography magazine Review, it’s very good. At first I thought it was a bit too stuffy and didn’t understand the art but there are some real gems there.

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