Perspective – Exercise 3.3 – Sequence

Brief:- Make a sequence using either your own photographs or images from the internet or from charity shops, i.e. found images. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re the person who took the photograph because here you’re appropriating and re-contextualising it within a sequence of other photographs. A good place to start would be your archive of photographs. Look for connectivity between images. Experiment by placing images together either in Photoshop or as prints. Notice how one image resonates with another image and how the two combine to produce a new meaning.If your sequence would work better as a slideshow, use PowerPoint or download Open Office to create one.

For this sequence I have been influenced by Duane Michals series Andy x 4. He made use of perspective in his sequence, which I reviewed here.

My “Perspective” is different in nature as it is a reflection upon a place that I rest on one of my walks, and I have included hand written text to create a narrative around the place that I rest. My sequence is not chronological, so it is comparative with Michals Andy x 4, but because of the text I have included it is narrative rather than conceptual.My hand writing is poor, which doesn’t help, however I am fairly satisfied with this initial attempt. The difficulties that I encountered were relating to the amount of cars in the background. It doesnt matter what time of day that I go there, there are always cars that will be seen when capturing these different perspectives.

Resting in its Beauty


6 Replies to “Perspective – Exercise 3.3 – Sequence”

  1. I am walking along the Esk with you. I like the way you link this to Duane Michals’ work, and the use of text. The cars are real and contextualise the sequence. In 50 years the cars will be as noteworthy as the boat!

    Nothing the matter with your handwriting. Clear and legible, and using green ink to link with the green of the grass binds things together to my eye.

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