Leeds – Emulating Andreas Gursky

My recent trip to Leeds was a wonderful opportunity for photography. I did tryto seek permission to shoot from the top of Bridgewater place (a modern business and residential tower block) and also from the Double Two Hilton. Both to no avail. However I made use of multi-storey carparks, and one tenament style tower block with an outside balcony (a bit sneaky but well worth it).

I have put together a little gallery by grouping together shots that reminded me of Andreas Gursky, whom I briefly reviwed for exercise 2.2 (seen here). I will be adding a few other photos, and a couple of panoramas that I made from the tower block, to my gallery over the next few days.

In the mean time, I hope that you enjoy Leeds.


20 Replies to “Leeds – Emulating Andreas Gursky”

  1. I almost went to Leeds last week but we opted for York instead. One branch of my family Is from not far from Leeds (Batley to be precise) I haven’t been to Leeds since I was a teenager though. Looks like it’s come a long way


    1. It’s had a lot of money spent on the city centre, partly because it’s a financial centre, second to the London Stock Exchange. However, the suburbs have had no investment.

      York is fab, so pretty and very much an attraction for tourists. I was there on Tuesday.

      What’s Batley like?
      It’s sounds as though you are enjoying your holiday on the whole, which is so pleasing to here.

      Are you considering moving back?


      1. You were really in York last Tuesday? OMG…so was I. That was the day I went with my mum, but we spent most of the morning in the cathedral.

        I don’t remember much of Batley as I was quite young when I was there. I remember it was quite a nice town and we sat in a park near the town center.

        As for coming back permanently, I really have no plans for any kind of ‘future’. I’d like to do it, but I don’t see how it’d be possible given that I’d be unable to cope on my own. I do have friends here though which is good. It’s helped me feel a bit human again, rather than just be a patient or an unwanted roommate as I am in Rochester.

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      2. I understand the no plans. I make plans but it’s not like I expect to be able to go through with them.

        I was photographing graffiti whilst you were in the minster, I walked past it on my way around.


  2. Hi Leeds is my home town and I love it. Great to see great photos of places that I recognise. I have also stood on the top of multi storey carparks and so on to get high viewpoints!


    1. Leeds is wonderful. I have taken some photos of the Arches and the river Aire running through them, inspired by a previous assignment of yours. My emulation has not been successful! I will add a few more photos next week.

      I wish I had taken photos in Harehills. I was busy hunting street art and over looked the colourful streets in such a fab multicultural area.


  3. I love what you have done here. Clean simple and very effective. A very good job done. I enjoyed looking at the images – even though you didn’t get your first choice of vantage point, I think it has worked out just fine. Looks fresh and the grid works amazingly well. Great work as always Richard.

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  4. Great photos Richard: I especially like the symmetry of the middle one on the bottom row, but they work really well as a group. I wonder if there’s scope to meld them into a version of Leeds seen through a photographer’s eye – not an exact representation?

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  5. Terrific Richard.the colours are great and the long view out to the Moors in the distance in one shot. I was based in an office at the top of one of Leeds towers back in the 90’s. These views of the city take me back. You are right about the investment in the centre. It has changed a great deal. Had you thought of going to Central Market? I think it is still there!

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    1. It is still there. The inside is pretty dead now. The outdoor market was ok, and the John Lewis building has an interesting facade but I didn’t get any good photos there. I bet the views were stunning from your office.


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