My View On Taking Tourist/Holiday Photos


I’m back from my holiday in Lindisfarne. I’ve had a wonderful time with family and enjoyed myself and was able to relax.

Tourism photography is not something that I have tried to avoid in the past. Everyone does it and when it comes to this genre there are so many great photos easily available.

However I have been with family and we all want those memories of a wonderful time. So I’ve used many of the skills that I’ve learned over the past year, and have tried to be creative. I will upload some to my gallery when I get the chance to develop them, but I’m getting back to my studies from tomorrow.

I have enjoyed making tourist/holiday photography, and of course there’s been some bird photography as well.

In the mean time here’s a quick snap from my Huawei phone.


17 Replies to “My View On Taking Tourist/Holiday Photos”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, it’s nice to spend time with the family, we probably don’t do it enough. We went to Lindisfarne probably around 25+ years ago when the children were small and loved it, in fact we like Northumberland in general – a lovely county. I look forward to seeing your pictures Richard.

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  2. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    I think one of the advantages of doing this course is it gives you the skills to make even holiday or family snaps so much better. I was editing some of the photos I took in Cyprus and found myself cropping some of them and then doing spot removal in order to remove objects that I knew would be a distraction.

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  3. I’m looking forward to seeing some more Richard.

    Also wondered if you know about The Co-optic Group and their “Real Britain postcard project”; photographers, including Martin Parr, who aimed to take photographs of what the ‘real’ Britain looks like. I saw an exhibition of their work at the Brighton Festival in 2014. and .

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