Recovered Photos From Reformatted SD – Proud And Exhausted

I don’t know what prompted me to think about it this morning, but I realised that the photos I took of a barn owl on Lindisfarne hadn’t appeared in my lightroom catalogue.

After further consideration I realised that when I transferred from my SD card to my disk there were two folders and I had only uploaded one of them. My routine after uploading is to creates copy on my back up drive and then reformat the SD.

After a panic I had a look online and downloaded recova by piriform, and it worked. Am feeling very grateful.

I downloaded the free version, and the software also downloaded CCleaner, which I uninstalled, and it messed up my browser which I’ve now sorted. Other than that I can’t complain and am both impressed and relieved.

Now for being proud and exhausted.

I have completed the photo montage that I’ve been working on, a culmination of over 12 months photography. It’s stunning. I’ve put in so many hours over the past week that I’m exhausted.

I hope to have it up here on Thursday as I’m taking a couple of days off.

Here’s a recent photo of Staithes harbour.

12 Replies to “Recovered Photos From Reformatted SD – Proud And Exhausted”

  1. I know that feeling well! I’m currently re-working my assignments for assessment & couldn’t find one that I completed over a year ago and needed to review it . After much sweating & cursing I found it archived on on old external hard drive. Can’t wait to see your montage & glad you got sorted 😊.

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  2. That’s my nightmare. I don’t use Lightroom because I just can’t cope with how pedantic it seems, so I have file folders instead placed where I last used them and then rely on Finder in Mac if I can’t find anything. It doesn’t always work though!


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