20 Replies to “When You Take Away My Voice”

  1. Richard this is stunning. Not only visually engaging and politically compelling, it is technically very well constructed. The word “standard emerges and recedes” as i look at different parts of the whole. I am constantly drawn to the face of the man in blue that is placed in the lower half of the letter ‘T’. H/se is looking directly at me.

    Very well done Richard. It must have taken hours. I shall certainly want to come and view the work when,as I very much hope, it is exhibited.

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  2. Now I have the larger version I can see really how wonderful it is, as Sarah said the word STANDARD does emerge and recede, very clever, and also I agree the blue face keeps drawing my eye, demanding attention. I think part of this is the separation it is given by the red and the rather muted colours around it but also those eyes! Great, well done Richard.

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  3. That’s just brilliant: visually stimulating, vivid and vehement. The concept is easy to comprehend but the method you’ve chosen and the work involved to bring it out is staggering and leaves the observer punch drunk. The colour balance works very well.

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